Distillation of the best alvarinho grape marc produces a complex but smooth brandy


The colour of topaz, a complex, delicate and perfumed aroma reveals a perfect harmony between the character of the Alvarinho grape variety and the prolonged ageing in oak casks. This is how we can describe Aguardente Bagaceira Velha Soalheiro. A unique selection of numbered bottles that is now hitting the market.

After more than 20 years of ageing, alternating between new and used oak casks, this pomace brandy - produced from the distillation of the best grape marc from the Alvarinho variety - has a unique personality. The taste is smooth and very persistent.

The aromatic skins from the Alvarinho grapes, separated from the must by pressing at harvest time, ferment for about a month in an air-free environment (anaerobiosis). This fermentation transforms the residual sugar into alcohol, extracting the best aromas from the skins. Slow distillation in a traditional still helps to concentrate these aromas, giving rise to a very aromatic brandy characteristic of the Alvarinho variety.

Aguardente Bagaceira Velha Soalheiro first appeared in 1999, with the launch of the 1st series of 1428 numbered bottles. Since that first harvest, the making of this brandy is subject to the distillation of the best Alvarinho grape marc, ageing for years in oak casks, from which it extracts the colour and structure that complete the intense aroma of the variety.

There are many details that make this brandy even more special, from the manual placement of the stopper to the sealing of the bottle. Watch the video available on the Soalheiro Youtube channel